I graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters of Podiatric Practice. I have been working as a Podiatrist in Private practice, Aged Care and Community. I also have completed a Bachelor of Education and taught in a secondary school setting, which has provided me with valuable experience when interacting with a younger client base.

I believe that keeping active is vital for our physical and mental health, and in the later years, for our independence! So this is where Podiatry can fit right in!

My scope of services includes (but are not limited to);

  1.     Ingrown toe nail surgery
  2.     Diabetes foot assessments and management
  3.     Callous and corn debridement
  4.     Nail management
  5.     Footwear advice
  6.     Orthotic therapy


As helping people is my fundamental passion, Podiatry has allowed me to aid people from all stages of life through the treatment and management of the foot and ankle. While I have a particular interest in the importance of foot care for seniors and falls prevention, my focus has always remained on treating the ‘whole’ person and trying to understand their individual circumstances. Whether you need help with sore feet, calluses, corns, warts, fungal infections or general aches and pains (and much more), I can help you enjoy increased health,  and happiness via the care of your feet. After your feet have carried you millions of kilometres through your life, they can eventually wear down. Taking good care of your feet as you age is good for your foot health as it helps you stay active and mobile.

I enjoy volunteer my Podiatry skills each year at the Oxfam 100km Trail walk event. I especially love this event because you get no better greeting from someone who has just found me at the 50km+ check point. They sit on my table with such a look of relief and gratitude for my foot treatment that will keep them going to the finish line. It has been very rewarding and a great cause to support.

In my spare time, I enjoy my family ( mum of four daughters), reading, cooking and exercising. I can also communicate in Italian.